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Meet Our Donors

Quirk Auto Group of Maine

The wonderful team at the Quirk Auto Group of Maine donated a new delivery truck to St. Joes for the use of our Materials Management department. If you’re around Broadway, you might see our fantastic truck in action, moving and delivering items around our locations. We are so grateful to Quirk Auto for the new, reliable, work-horse of a delivery truck that is helping St. Joe’s keep things running smoothly.

Born, raised and educated in Maine for four generations, the Quirk Auto Group of Maine operates in Bangor, Augusta, Belfast and Portland. The Quirk family is dedicated to the spirit of Maine and have a vested interest for continued prosperity in the communities in which they do business. “In just over 40 years, our corporation has grown from 5 employees to over 400, from 1 franchise to 15, from 3 family members in the business to 15,” says Jack Quirk Jr. “Throughout all of the changes we have held to our principals: ‘Work hard to ensure customer satisfaction at every opportunity and appreciate the valiant efforts of each and every employee.’ Proudly, my father, Jack Sr. and the ‘Quirk Boys’ (Jack, Bob, Jim, Tom and David) have, and will remain a family owned and operated corporation true to our roots.”

Jeanne and Donald Krause – Endowment Fund

The Jeanne A. and Donald W. Krause, MD, Endowment Fund was established in 2017 through a very generous gift from Jeanne and Donald Krause, long-time supporters of St. Joseph Healthcare. The vision for the endowment fund includes building a contemporary model of care around the existing St. Joseph Rheumatology practice to advance high quality care and expand continuing education and research opportunities for rheumatologists.

A Rheumatology and Internal Medicine physician and current member of the St. Joseph Healthcare medical staff since 1976, Dr. Donald Krause maintains more than four decades of experience providing compassionate care. Dr. Krause graduated cum laude from the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore. He then completed his Internal Medicine internship at the New England Medical Center Hospital in Boston and his Internal Medicine residency and a Rheumatology fellowship both at Maine Medical Center in Portland. Dr. Krause is board certified in Internal Medicine.

During his medical career, Dr. Krause was instrumental in helping to establish of one of the first hospitalist programs in the country which was based at St. Joseph Hospital. In Dr. Krause’s current role as Medical Director for Quality Improvement, he assists with the development of quality metrics for the St. Joseph Rheumatology practice. He is also working on a model to use telemedicine as a tool for providing rheumatology services to patients and providers located significant distances from Bangor.

Dr. Krause and his wife, Jeanne, remain committed to adding to the endowment fund in the future as well as supporting the fund through their estate.

Learn more about Endowment Funds.

Brett Clemmons – Grateful Patient

A letter from Brett Clemmons, of Hermon, Maine:

I am grateful to find on your website a link for making donations to the St. Joseph Healthcare Foundation, aptly named 'Grateful Patient.' The very existence of such a fund and the ease of contributing to it is emblematic of the excellent experience my family and I have had recently at the hospital.

My mother, Joanne, was just released after a 2 week stay. During that time, there was almost always a family member there to visit during regular hours. We were all exceedingly impressed by the quality of the care she received. It was especially amazing in light of what we have come to expect from the recent trends in the medical community generally whereby family doctors, for instance, are increasingly overloaded with tasks peripheral to their calling.

In these two weeks, we have had the pleasure of meeting a wealth of personable, compassionate, and very competent individuals.

The tools and technology of the CCU would have seemed overwhelming (even scary) were it not for the exceptional competence and compassion of those who were using it. The younger staff were exciting to watch also because of their ease and comfort with new technology. Even better was seeing how that technology was by no means supplanting the human touch. At St. Joseph's, it empowers those who entered the medical profession with the passion to heal.

We were delighted to see that passion in practically everyone we met, from doctors to orderlies to security staff.

Behind the scenes is a management team that clearly respects its employees who are in turn empowered to respect others. The goodwill we saw was not mere compliance to policies made behind closed doors.

Just as true healthcare is based on the premise of best helping the body heal, good management helps its staff to act on the compassion that drew them to the profession in the first place.

It's tempting to list the names of those who impressed us the most; those who stood out and played a particularly significant role in my mother's healing. Yet I would rather have my emphasis remain on our experience as a cohesive whole.

It was cohesive, after all. For though we were impressed by each person's freedom to act as autonomous individuals, we were equally impressed by the coordination among those individuals and their respective departments.

Notwithstanding our gratitude for our hospital experience as a whole, we would like to direct our donation to the CCU specifically. For though my mother's care was exemplary on every floor (and she stayed on all three!), we are most impressed by the miraculous technology of the CCU and those who
are obviously being trained well to use it.

Brett Clemons and the Clemons Family
Hermon, ME

Learn more about the Grateful Patient Program.


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