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Our Wound Care Physicians
Dr. Michael Coyne
& Dr. Marian Benner

St. Joseph
Skin & Wound
Healing Center

With Hyperbaric Medicine

Our Skin & Wound Healing Center offers a wide range of resources for individuals with skin issues related to diabetes, or neuropathy, which causes numbness or weakness in he hands or feet,  as well as other conditions that require more aggressive treatment than is available in traditional medical settings.

Our staff is comprised of specially trained wound care RNs/MA’s and physicians, along with trained Hyperbaric RN’s/Technicians.

Our goal is to help individuals with certain skin conditions avoid complications such as chronic wounds which can sometimes lead to serious infection and even loss of limb.

This comprehensive Center utilizes the latest advancements in wound care, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Common wounds may include diabetic ulcers, venous stasis ulcers and pressure ulcers.

Patients can be referred to our Skin & Wound Healing Center by their primary care provider.

Our services include

  • Removal of suspicious growths and moles, with biopsy.
  • Foot and nail care. For diabetics and those with neuropathy, which can cause numbness and weakness in the hands and feet
  • Nephrostomy tube care
  • Outpatient Foley catheter changes (when patient is not homebound)
  • Preventive Services to safeguard against skin wounds or slow down their progression.
  • Seamless transition to more advanced wound care if necessary, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy, skin grafting, orthotics and more.

Did You Know...

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) works by supplying high-pressure oxygen to the bloodstream. It helps to heal certain stubborn wounds which are very difficult to treat using conventional methods. HBOT can also be also used to treating carbon monoxide poisoning, decompression sickness ("the bends"), and after-effects of radiation therapy.

Specialized Foot and Nail Care

Jennifer Curley RN, our specially trained Foot and Nail Nurse provides personalized foot care for diabetics and those with neuropathy, as well as toenail care to help prevent infection. She also provides sensory testing, to evaluate numbness in the foot, which is a common symptom of neuropathy.


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