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St Joseph Healthcare

Patient Advisory Council

Members of our Patient Advisory Council. From left: Heather Dorr, Bob Adams, Mark Nutt, Sharon King, Jay Gould, Mary Stewart, Vonda Hatch, Carrie Dwelley. Not present for photo: Angeli Chopra, Claude Westfall, Jessica Taylor and Lynn King

The mission of the St. Joe's Patient Advisory Council is to work together with St. Joseph Healthcare to enhance family-centered care.

Started in December 2012, the Patient Advisory Council serves as a formal mechanism for involving patients and families in policy and program decision making in the healthcare setting.

The Patient Advisory Council’s overarching purpose is two-pronged:

1.    To provide feedback and constructive recommendations on existing processes within St. Joseph Healthcare; and

2.    To assist in the evaluation of new concepts for process improvement prior to their implementation within the organization.

This purpose will be accomplished by:

•    Promoting a culture of partnership among patients, families, and caregivers**

•    Providing a venue for patients, families, and caregivers to have input into the organizations’ processes

•    Providing venue for caregivers to hear patient and family concerns

•    Providing a mechanism for patients, families, and caregivers to play an active role in improving the patient and staff experience at the St. Joseph organization

•    Communicating patients’ and families’ perspectives about the healthcare experience

[** “caregiver” includes providers, other clinical and support staff, nursing, and support staff]


The Patient Advisory Council will have membership including but not limited to: administration, quality, care management, inpatients, outpatients, and providers. Members will be chosen to the existing Council members by consensus. Recommendations for appointment of members may be made by any employee or affiliate of St. Joseph Healthcare.  Membership terms will be three years and will be on a rotating basis. The chair of the Patient Advisory Council will be a patient who is elected by the other members of the Council.  All members may vote.


Communication of recommendations, concerns, and other feedback from the Council will be made to the Ambulatory Governance Council, or applicable Council as needed. Communication to the Council will be through the chair of the Council, the administrative representative, or any other member of the Council.

Project Updates

The Patient Advisory Council has diverse input and direct impact in policies and projects including:

  • Physician practice portal design and layout
  • Laboratory and Registration flow
  • Practice’s building signage
  • Assisting with new building layout, flow and internal signage
  • Inpatient whiteboards
  • Health Care Reform and Consumer Retail and affects to our community
  • Communication to explain various programs to patients and their families

Improving patient education materials including the:

  • Inpatient admission packet
  • Physician practice brochures
  • Medicare Wellness Letters
  • Know where to go handouts and magnets
  • Patient Satisfaction Survey Cover letter
  • Hand Hygiene Initiative

Would you like to Join us? Need more information?

If you would like more information on the Patient Advisory Council or if you would like to be considered for membership on the Council, please contact Mary Stewart at (207) 992-9200 extension 1425. You can also use the Contact form below.

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